Tips for Ironing

15 Nov

Chores do not end in doing the laundry. There is still ironing that needs to be done before putting the clean clothes in the closet. Check out the tips that follow to make ironing faster and better. You can also see more about ironing at

  1. Sort the clothes

Sort your clothes depending on the needed temperature you need to iron them. Start ironing the clothes that require lower temperature first and move up to the next, waiting for the iron to heat up for a minute or two before after changing the temperature.

  1. Increase the heat

By using an aluminum foil under the cover of the board, you would be able to double the heat that is given to the fabric you are ironing. You would be able to iron both sides of it at the same time because the foil will reflect the heat from underneath.

  1. Straight strokes

Some of you may have tried ironing in a circular motion, thinking that it would not make a difference. But, it does. The movement could damage the fibers of the fabric by stretching them. It is important to make straight strokes when ironing to protect the cloth and let it have a longer life.

  1. Let it cool

Wearing a shirt immediately right after you’ve just ironed it would put your hard work to waste. Letting the shirt cool for a few minutes before wearing it would give the fabric some time to flatten. Hang it up to prevent any outside factor from wrinkling it again while it cools down.

  1. Wet it

Ironing is best when the fabric is still a bit damp. Sprinkle some water with a spray bottle or you can use a steam iron to get rid of wrinkles easier. Aside from just removing creases effectively, spraying some water and vinegar solution could be helpful in getting rid of yellowish color at the underarm area and collars.

  1. Extend the board


If the material you are ironing is too big for the ironing board – like sheets and tablecloths – you can put a stool that is shorter than the board at the end of it where part of the cloth that you just ironed can be laid out. This would prevent it from getting wrinkled when it touches the floor. You can also use a clean table as an ironing board.

  1. Inside-out

Iron clothes that have designs that may get damaged when direct heat is applied, inside out. You might also try putting a clean cloth underneath or between the front and the back part to prevent some sensitive prints from sticking to the other part of the clothing.

  1. Clean water

When using a steam iron, it is recommended to use clear or even distilled or boiled water, to avoid getting deposits on the clothes. This would also prevent the iron from being clogged due to accumulated water particles.

  1. Clean

Your iron needs to be cleaned regularly. Dirty irons would damage the fabric and may be the cause of some stains.


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