The Different Types of Home Speakers

28 Nov

When you want to buy home speakers to your house there are some important things you need to try and find out first. Knowing the kind of speaker that will best suit your needs is the key information you should have at your fingertips. There are different types of speakers that are powered differently, used differently and have different connections to the device you will be using to input your audio. These might look complex but we have simplified it all for you for easy understanding.

Mobile speakers

The wireless speakers that can travel are called mobile speakers and they are very popular. These speakers are compact; they are battery powered and are loaded with features that are more advanced than traditional speakers are. They are good for using at home and you can as well the throw them in the bag and head out with them.

The main feature being the Bluetooth connectivity that is found in almost all mobile devices and laptops. The beauty of this feature is that you don’t need cables to connect the speaker to the audio input device. You just enable the Bluetooth device, pair and connect then you are good to go.

Wireless home speakers

While portable speakers are handy sine you can move with them everywhere, not everyone is looking for battery powered units that they can use in the outdoors. For this reason, there are other types of speakers that are meant to stay and be used at home. These don’t require charging neither do they require battery swapping. There are a lot of advantages that come with wireless home speakers that are plugged in a socket for powering. They have inbuilt amplifiers that are heftier than that their battery powered counterparts. This makes them louder with more defined bass and volume. You can learn more here about the wireless home speakers.

Many of these wireless speakers have Bluetooth connectivity but some can  connect to your homes Wi-Fi router and a wired Ethernet network. The goodness with speakers that use the network to connect is that they can work even when the audio input device is quite a range away, as opposed to a Bluetooth device. When you are using Bluetooth, then you step in a different room or behind the wall with your device then you will find that the music will cut out

Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf speakers are a type of traditional speakers. They do not have in-built amplifiers, Bluetooth connectivity or wireless capability. These are just speakers. You use an old-fashioned wire to connect them. When buying these type of devices then you need to match the power rating of the speakers to the wattage of the amp. You should ensure that the wattage of the amp is greater than the power rating that the speaker has.

Standing Speakers

Standing speakers are another type of traditional speakers that give you an advantage of not worrying about damaging the speakers by overpowering them. Standing speakers have an amplifier that is more powerful than the speakers.

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