Bathroom Remodelling Ideas: Top Bathroom Renovation Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

17 Nov

The bathroom is one of the most important, yet dangerous places inside the house. However, it is also one of the places that are given with least consideration when it comes to safety. As a result, the numbers of accidents have been reported due to human miscalculations or due to the bathroom’s design and style. In fact, according to the statistics, most bathroom falls or slips are caused by the incorrect placing of tubs, walk-in showers and more. Where there are 65.8 percent injuries occurred within the shower or tub area and 22 percent of injuries happened near the toilet. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom or most of your house’s restroom, you need to remember the following renovation mistakes, to avoid unnecessary accidents in the future.


Mistake #1: Unclear view in and out


One of the clear mistakes with bathroom renovation is having an unclear circulation. If you are too worried about all your ideas will not fit inside the small-sized bathroom, you can always find some great ideas for a small-sized bathroom that has good circulation from the main door to the walk-in shower area. For instance, make it a point that the bathroom sink or your lavatory will not affect the view of going in and out of the bathtub or the walk-in shower area; this may cause accidental slips leading to injury. Make sure to plan the spaces thoroughly for each bathroom parts.


Mistake #2: Adding unnecessary wall decors and storage area.


Admit it or not, most women love to bring all their girl stuff inside the bathroom including hair blowers and hair iron, which can be very dangerous, especially if the bathroom is not that big enough. If you want a bathroom to be safe and spacious at the same time, make sure to minimize adding storage. Carefully plan for a bathroom style and do not think about adding a make-up mirror inside your small-sized bathroom, it will only fill up most of the space.


Mistake #3: The problematic drainage and poor ventilation


One of your main priorities in maintaining the bathroom area is to keep mold from building up and to keep the drainage from clogging. However, some homeowners tend to forget that the used water has to go somewhere and the bathroom must be properly ventilated.


Mistake #4: Choosing shower system for the style and not for function.


When remodeling the bathroom, the shower system is often underrated. Admit it or not, it is still a fact that several homeowners would choose stylish shower system over its functions. Do not waste your money on something that is not-worth-it, or you may take a look these good examples of shower system to help you choose the right one for your walk-in shower area. There are still more bathroom renovation mistakes that you need to know if you are planning to have a new set of the bath area and toilet area. Here is a simple yet important advice when planning for one, always think about safety, convenience, and space.