Substantial Triathlon Gear

10 Nov

One of the most important in preparing for a triathlon is getting the right gear. Since you would be swimming, running and cycling, you would need more than just a pair of shoes and clothes. Here are the top must-haves for a triathlon race.


1. Bike


Any bike will do as long as you are comfortable with it. Just make sure that you use the same kind of bike during training and during the race so you would get used to it. The tires should be checked for air, the chain for oil, and other parts for tightness and safety.


2. Kit


Together with your bike, you should always have a kit prepared just in case you get a flat tire or some malfunctions on your bike that needs to be repaired quickly. You have to be prepared for possible situations and conditions you might be dealing with during the race.


3. Helmet


This is important for your own safety. Besides, the organizers would not let you race if you do not have the right safety gear during the race. Choose a helmet that is not too heavy and something that you are comfortable wearing.


4. Goggles and shades


Sunglasses can be useful when you’re cycling or running in a sunny weather. There are athletic shades that you can get from sports stores that would be perfect for races like this. Also, choose goggles that can be used during sunny days and indoor swimming. You can also have two, just in case.


5. Shoes


Running shoes should be comfortable and can withstand long distances. Do not attempt to wear those with already thinning soles or even buy new ones that you haven’t tried a day just before the race.


6. Hat


You would be running under the sun for miles and it would be better to wear a hat that would help protect you from getting burned. It would also help keep the brightness of the sun from hitting your eyes, especially if you are not comfortable in wearing sunglasses when running.


7. Tri Suit


In order for you to reach the finish line in the least amount of time possible, many experts recommend getting a tri-suit instead of getting different suits for the three different legs. Changing from your wetsuit to your, biking shorts then running shorts would take a lot of time. Most tri suits are made of fabric that dries easily and would make the bike ride more comfortable.


8. Triathlon bag


You would need a place to keep all your stuff while you swim, bike and run. A triathlon transition bag would help you keep all of your things in order during the race day without you worrying about them getting scattered around. You can check out these top triathlon bags here.


9. Towel


Surely you would need something to dry you up before you go on your bike. This would also serve as a mark for you to easily spot your bike when you come out of the water.


10. Water bottle


Choose a bottle that would fit perfectly on your bike and also one that you can take with you during the run if you choose to.

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