Protein Shake Intake Timing

20 Nov

Protein shakes are becoming very popular nowadays especially for athletes and bodybuilders. That is due to the fact that they have shown to be effective in helping make muscles bigger, leaner, and stronger. They are also capable of giving the same benefits that people received when consuming a protein-rich diet.

Generally speaking, in order to produce a protein shake, people should have a protein powder. As an overview, it is a product that is manufactured by separating and filtering compounds in order to extract the right and specific type of protein that is needed. After which, some ingredients are also added and they are made into a powder. Such powder is then dissolved in a glass of water or another form of liquids like juice. After which, the solution should be placed in a blender or shaker in order to have a smooth and easy-to-consume protein shake.

The thing is that protein powder brands have different recommendations on when to take the protein. Nevertheless, some common recommendations can be observed and this article will be discussing some of which below.

Upon Waking Up

Protein shakes are recommended to be taken immediately after waking up or at least 30 minutes after waking up. That is because the body has not been nourished with food for a long period of time, which is the hours of sleep taken. By consuming a glass of protein shake, the balance of body protein will be maintained at a positive level. According to some studies, protein shakes taken in the morning can also help in suppressing the cravings for sweet food, as well as for controlling appetite.

Before Going to Bed or Sleep

Some experts also suggest that people should take protein shakes a few minutes before they hit the sack. Through such, the body muscles will have enough amount of protein during sleep. Thus, muscle breakdown can be limited and protein production can be increased. This is very beneficial especially during training days. In addition, it is also believed that when there is a high level of protein during sleep, the amount of fat lost also increases.

Before Undergoing a Workout Regimen

Consuming a protein shake before working out will provide the body with high levels of energy. Hence, the user will have better endurance, which is helpful in increasing the amount of time spent in the gym. Likewise, with high levels of protein prior to working out, protein breakdown will be lessened and protein synthesis is enhanced. According to some experts, the best time is at max 40 minutes before a workout. However, individuals who have recently taken a high-protein meal before going to the gym no longer need to consume a protein shake.

After Working Out

Most brands of protein powder products, like , recommend that one serving of protein shake must be taken within 30 or 45 minutes after working out. That is due to the fact that high levels of protein can enhance muscle tissue repair and recovery. Likewise, after a series of cardio and weight lifting exercises, the breakdown of muscle protein is most likely increased. Hence, in order to counteract such, individuals should increase their protein levels.


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