Important Things to Know Before Buying a Portable Generator

25 Aug

Portable generators are a thing nowadays because of their cheap price and the convenience they bring. They are widely used for houses and also people who go camping very often. They are very handy during power outages, storms and other extreme weather conditions that affect the flow of electricity in an area. So, what are the things that you have to check before buying a generator for your own home? There are many websites that give reviews on different devices that are out in the market, like portable generators.


It is important to go through the detailed reviews before purchasing the product so you can make sure that you are choosing the one that is of high-quality. (You can check out some great reviews, including their prices at ). Here are some important things you need to know about the generator you are buying.


Tank size


The size of the tank tells you how long the generator can last before you would need to add more fuel. Of course, the bigger the size, the longer the generator would run. Really powerful generators can run up to twenty hours. However, some efficient generators can run for long hours with less fuel. These types of portable generators are much more expensive though. You also need to check the type of fuel required to power it. Make sure that you choose the ones that do not give off harmful smoke.




It is important to know how many watts the generator can provide. You need to make sure that during an outage, your generator would be able to power up the essential appliances in the house. The number of watts that the generator can give should be equal to or more than the total watts of the devices you need to power up.




Who wants to purchase a pricey device when they only last for a short time? You do not want to invest on something that is not worth the amount of money you paid. The quality of a portable generator can also depend on how durable it is. It could be dangerous if a portable generator is easily dented.




You might want to know how long it would take before you need to change the oil of the generator, the longer it is, the better. Some portable generators are too sensitive that they require frequent care and maintenance. That could also cost you money.




That is why it is called a portable generator because they are portable. But, some models are too large that they are really difficult to move. Unless you need to power up a lot of appliances in your home, you can choose one that is light. However, there are some that come with wheels, so you can move them around even with their big size. Some other features like noise, manufacturer, starter, and safety should also be considered, too. Read different reviews about the various models and brands before you invest on a portable generator that would benefit you for a long time.

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