Deconstructing Problems Associated With Robotic Pool Cleaner Ownership

22 Aug

For most pool owners, owning a robotic pool cleaner is a no-brainer. It’s practically a necessity. It takes away the two biggest downsides of owning a pool: cleaning the pool and cleaning it a week after. Doing this manually sucks the joy out of owning a pool. Some owners lose the honeymoon period of their brand new pool. They’d just let it accumulate algae than committing an entire day to emptying it and cleaning the surface.

Surprisingly, there are pool owners who have plenty of reasons as to why owning a robotic pool cleaner isn’t a good idea, to the point of going out of their way and really spend the time cleaning the pool on a weekly basis. They could have instead used the time to render work and start saving up for a high-end pool cleaner. It’s practical economics. Of course, it’s still worth looking at it from their perspective. Here are some of the problems that some pool owners perceive when owning a robotic pool cleaner.

  1. No space for storage

In all seriousness, some people actually believe and defend this. It’s a weak excuse, really, for several reasons. One is that not every robotic pool cleaner is a hunkering, gigantic machine. In fact, some of the largest pool cleaners don’t even exceed the size of a motor scooter. Some of the best rated robotic pool cleaners are small enough to move around efficiently in a children’s pool. And second, anyone with a pool in their yard can’t really be that bold to claim with a hundred percent confidence that they have no space to store a robotic pool cleaner.

  1. Too expensive

This is where some people apply the wrong approach to saving money; the wrong kind of approach to economics. Not everything can be gauged and compared by flatly using monetary costs. There is something more expensive than the currency itself, and that is time. Knowing this, a pool owner should take into account the time as well as the effort it took them to thoroughly clean the entire pool. As mentioned earlier, they could have spent the time doing freelance work on a weekend instead. Besides, having a pool itself is expensive enough. Committing to it by investing on a pool cleaner is an obvious necessity.


This can probably be chalked up to imagination or the horrific imageries that some movies are responsible for. Tossing toasters into a bathtub isn’t the same thing as letting robotic pool cleaners inside the pool. Pool cleaners use electricity, that’s a given. But they are manufactured with being submersible in mind. They are, unlike toasters, meant to be used underwater.

  1. No clue what to get.

These days, anyone can learn about anything with enough determination and resourcefulness. The Internet is a great source of information. Buying recommendations and reviews included. There’s bound to be plenty of robotic pool cleaner reviews that can help pool owners get one that’s made by a highly reliable manufacturer.

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