Car Battery Care Tips

25 Nov

Every car owner knows that car batteries are no pushovers. Well, with the exception of manufacturers who are lagging behind in terms of build and overall product quality, of course, which is why car owners should definitely check for product reviews and car battery buying guides on the Internet before spending on a new one. On that note, buying a new battery is something inevitable for vehicle owners. Sure, batteries can be charged over and over, but every single charge cycle deteriorates its overall capacity, leading to it needing replacement.

The average serviceable life of a car battery is around four years. But those that can hold larger charges, ones that have bigger ampere hours, may be able to last a full year more. However, in most cases, batteries can last even longer if taken care of properly. Conversely, it may conk out way below its life expectancy if the car owner doesn’t bother taking care of it. Here are some important tips on how to extend the life of a car battery.

1. Clean connections from time to time.

This doesn’t have to be a weekly or a monthly thing. Overall, it depends on the car owner’s assessment on whether the connection is starting to collect dirt and will have to be cleaned. It’s easy enough to spot. And even easier to remove the clamps connected to the battery. A connection that has dirt build-up can compromise the battery’s performance.

2. Secure it in place.
It’s simple enough to do yet there are still car owners who are careless enough to leave their car batteries in a rather wobbly position. It’s every car owner’s responsibility to ensure that mishaps due to untimely failing of batteries are avoided. It doesn’t take that much effort to do anyway.

3. When using solar power to charge, get a monitor.

Unlike cellphone batteries that come with circuitry that shuts down energy input when the battery is fully charged, car batteries don’t have that luxury. Charging car batteries with solar energy is especially risky because it takes too long to finish. Humans don’t have that much patience to work with, so there’s a risk that it’s going to be forgotten. Get a monitor to, well, monitor the charging process and have a clear estimate on when it’s going to be fully charged.

4. Garage – use it.

It’s perfectly normal to leave the car out in the open when it’s not going to be there for half a day. Obviously, leaving it outside for the entire evening doesn’t make any sense if the garage itself is empty. That’s plain irresponsible. The elements can add wear and tear to the vehicle, especially during peak of summer and winter. The car and the battery are going to thank the owner for taking it inside the garage as much as possible. Well, not literally anyway. It’s also worth it to remember to check your battery before winter kicks in to make sure it’s not in bad shape beforehand.

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