A Quick Guide for Beginners: How to Find a Proper Gauge Wire for your Car Amplifier

31 Jan

Now that you purchased a brand-new amplifier and subwoofer, the next step is to hook it up. But how can you assure which gauge wire is best-suitable for your car’s amp?

Before you go looking for an amp wiring kit, take in mind that the quality of your car audio amp wiring kit can affect the performance of your car’s stereo system. Hence, you have to be careful and wise in selecting which set of gauge wire to buy. You can use the guide below to navigate the perfect amp wiring kit for your car audio system.

The Truth behind Wattage Ratings

The first thing you’ll notice when searching for a wiring kit is the power rating of each product indicate on the package. Well, it is a trick of many manufacturers to catch the attention of buyers. Do not fall for it.

When talking about power rating, what you need to look for is the RMS or the operating power of the amp wire. The RMS tells you the amount of power which the amp wiring kit is capable of handling.

You will need a specific gauge for every wattage. If you have a 500 watts amp, the best option is an 8 gauge wiring kit. On the other hand, a 500 to 1000 watts RMS amp is best-suited with 4 gauge wire, and 1000 to 1500 watts should be running using a 2 gauge wire. And, if you have an amp with above 1500W RMS rating, you’ll need a 0 gauge wiring.

Oxygen Free Copper Wiring

One term that you will encounter when searching a car amp wiring kit is Oxygen Free Copper Wiring (OFC). Experts highly recommend investing amp wiring kit with this feature. An authentic OFC wiring offers the best performance and durability. It lasts longer in comparison to Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA). But if you are using a low-powered stereo system, CCA wiring makes a great alternative to OFC.

Although OFC is the best choice of wiring, yet some buyers prefer CCA. It is for the fact that OFC is rather expensive as opposed to CCA.

But here is a piece of good news; the Sound Certified has a wide selection of quality 4 gauge amp wiring kits in affordable prices. You can check out this source to take a glimpse on these wiring kits.

For Multiple Amplifiers

What if you have multiple amplifiers? Do you have to get more wiring kits as well?

Complex sound systems are not all too complex. The simplest answer to connecting your multiple amp and subs is to get a dual amp wiring kit. This type of amp wiring kit has dual fuses and distribution blocks. This feature allows you to use multiple amplifiers while running a single power wire.

But be careful, you have to match the fuse rating and fuse holder size to your amplifier. Mismatched fuse rating and fuse holder might cause power spikes and damage your stereo system.

There’s more you have to know about the amp wiring kit. To get additional details, what you need to do is consult online sources like the Sound Certified.

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