Five Amazing Features of Walker Edison Soreno Corner Desk

13 Mar

Computer desks are one of the most functional and necessary office furniture; without an efficient and ergonomic desk, it has hard to perform your work systematically. This furniture helps in organizing your materials and provides you the necessary space you require for your job. Thus, it is important that you select a quality, durable and cost-effective computer desk like Walker Edison’s Soreno.


Walker Edison is one of the leading manufacturers of quality office furniture. One of their latest product lines is Soreno a 3 piece corner desk made of polished, beveled and tempered safety glass. Soreno is the top seller desk for offices especially for workplaces with limited spaces. Moreover, this desk is manufactured to offer convenience and comfort to users. If you are searching for an awesome computer desk for your office, Walker Edison’s Soreno corner desk fits the bill. Aside from the posh style of this desk, Soreno has various advantages. Here are the pros of using this desk.


Wonderful Aesthetics


If your office has a modern interior, Soreno will blend in pretty well. Walker Edison’s Soreno computer desk is built from steel and the table surface is made of glass which makes the desk appear elegant in an office space. Soreno comes in a classic black color that complements with any interior design. In addition, this computer desk is L-shaped, therefore, it won’t consume a lot of space in your room.


Quality Build


One thing you can guarantee with Walker Edison is they build durable furniture. Soreno is manufactured from high-grade materials to guarantee long-term use. The frame of this computer desk is made of powder-coated steel to prevent rusting. Moreover, the table surface of the desk features a tempered safety glass to avoid accidents.


Efficient Keyboard and CPU Stand


The Soreno computer desk is built to provide efficient use of space and functionality. You can place your computer on this desk and not worry about cramming the space around your desk to put your CPU and keyboard. This desk has a built-in sliding keyboard and a CPU stand. These features will help to keep your table systematized and organized.


Easy to Build


There are computer desks in the market which are difficult to build and too complex to install; however, with Walker Edison’s Soreno, you don’t have to ask for someone to install the desk in your office. Soreno is quite easy to build. In fact, this product comes with a step-by-step building instruction. In no more than an hour, you can build your own Soreno computer desk.


Suitable for Limited Office Spaces


Soreno desk measures 51 inches in overall depth and 51 inches in width, 20 inches depth and has 29 inches height. This measurement is suitable for small company offices. Also, the desk is L-shaped so it will not appear awkward and forced to fit in the small office. Selecting the perfect computer desk for your office is indeed confusing, especially without the right guide. Thus, if you are planning to purchase your first computer desk, ask for Computer Deskz’s assistance via their website.

Effects of Low Platelet Count

12 Mar

Platelets are components of the blood that are responsible for stopping you from bleeding too much. They work to bind ruptured veins and make the blood thicker. These blood components are produced at the bone marrow, similar to the other two components of the blood which are the white and red blood cells. Platelets are also called thrombocytes. They are microscopic but get larger when you bleed due to cuts or injuries. The average count of platelets in adults should be around 300,000 microliters. The maximum normal platelet count falls to 450,000 while the lowest should be around 150,000. When your platelet count goes below the minimum which is 150,000 microliters, you would have a disorder called thrombocytopenia. You would experience some of the effects of low blood platelets which are as follows.

  • Purpura

You would get bruised easily or you would have excessive bruising in different parts of your body.

  • Petechiae

You would experience some superficial bleeding, especially on the lower part of the legs, in the skin and would appear as red to purple spots. o Prolonged bleeding – since you do not have enough platelets to immediately stop the bleeding when you cut yourself, your blood would continuously flow out.

  • Bleeding gums and nose

You would suffer from nosebleeds more often than not. Also, your gums would bleed even when you are just brushing your teeth.

  • Blood in stool or urine

Your blood would be too thin and easy to flow out when you have too little platelets. Because of that, your blood would go out with your urine or stool in drops or even in big amounts if your case is severe.

  • Abnormally heavy menstruation

Not only would you need thicker napkins when you have low counts of platelets while you are on your period, you would also be suffering from it for a longer time.

  • Splenomegaly

Your spleen would get enlarged and would lead to another set of symptoms.

  • Fatigue

Fatigue is very common to people who have different chronic illnesses including ITP or Immune Thrombocytopenia. Thrombocytopenia can be caused by many factors. Some people could suffer from this disease because of decreased production of platelets due to a serious bone marrow dysfunction. It could also be because of viruses that attack the blood and destroy the different components in it. Thrombocytopenia can also be caused by trapped platelets in the spleen. In some cases, lowered platelet count could be due to pregnancy and even medications.

There are different ways that you can increase your platelets. You can improve your diet and your lifestyle. Get away from too much sugary drinks and alcohol, and add more B vitamins to your diet. You should also avoid using painkillers which thins your blood. Take some natural supplements that could increase your bone marrow function and promote your immune system. You have to make sure that you would always consult your doctor about any symptom that you could be experiencing and ask him or her on what other measures you could take to help with your sickness.