Top Picks for Cordless Hair Clippers

31 Oct

A lot of men are starting to discover the benefits of having their own clippers. While some are still going to salons and barber shops to have their hair done, there are those who prefer to do it by themselves. Having your own pair brings a lot of benefits to your life. One is that you do not have to spend on transportation costs and service fees to and from the barber to get your hair done because you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Second is you can take it with you anywhere you go, whether it be on a personal or business trip or somewhere else, you name it. And the best part is; you can now go with the cordless option to avoid issues on tangled cables while in the process of cutting your hair.


If you are planning to purchase a hair clipper to replace an old one or you plan on having it for the first time, check out these top cordless clippers for hair as these are the top rated brands and models this year. With the numbers of options offered online, make sure to go for those that have been tested and proven to be most effective and excellent.


  • Philips Norelco hair clipper


This is a lightweight clipper that is easy to control and maneuver. Its blade does not require much maintenance effort and it cuts smooth so you do not have to worry about any stray hair. Another good thing about this one is that you only need 30 minutes to have this charged and working well again. This is recommended for those with shorter hair.


  • Conair Lithium Ion Haircutting kit


If you are looking for a model that can last for around 75 minutes on the go, this one is for you. Its powerful performance is excellent and it only takes about 3 hours to restore its maximum battery level. This is recommended for those with thick hair.


  • Panasonic electric beard and facial hair trimmer


If you are someone with a creative mind and imagination, this one is for you. This model is good for those who want to personalize their look. It comes with comb attachments that give you varying options on the length of your choice. All you have to do is choose among the combs and you are good to go. This is good for a wet-dry trimming operation and it is cordless. So if you want convenience, comfort, and versatility combined in one item, you better check this out.


  • Andis Professional Ceramic Clipper


This comes with blades that are detachable, meaning, easy cleaning and changeable blades. The batteries are good for a continuous one-hour operation and it comes with a powerful rotary motor. Clients love this because of its longevity. With proper maintenance and care, this product can take a long way.


These are some of the top rated clippers of the year. Go ahead and check out their specification, sizes, and prices to see which one suit you best.

Helpful Tips When Buying Power Tools

17 Oct


Professions that require immense physical exertion such as smithing, woodworking and the like are also notable for having equipment that is equally as resilient as people who are using them. Anyone who has been in these industries knows the value of the high-quality equipment. However, for those who are still starting out, it might be a bit difficult to determine if a power tool is worth investing into or not. The truth is, even those who are already big in their woodworking or metallurgy careers also committed similar mistakes when they started out, needless to say, that those mistakes set them back from growth considerably.

It doesn’t mean, however, that it’s absolutely necessary to make the same mistakes they did in order to learn. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others, after all. Here are some helpful tips on how to pick the best power tools in the market.

  1. Check the structural integrity and choice of material.

Going to stores that sell several models of power tools is a great way to inspect their build quality first-hand. The problem with this is that options may be limited, as stores are unlikely to stock up on every single model available. On the other hand, checking the Internet might seem like a good idea because of the numerous options available. Obviously, checking images on a computer screen won’t suffice as a thorough inspection of a power tool’s durability. The workaround is actually pretty simple. And it’s the next tip on the list.

  1. Read reviews of the product listing.

Online stores make it a point to have reviews that customers can easily read when browsing. This is a complement to the shortcoming of browsing power tools on a web interface. The opinion and experiences of other customers help significantly in filtering out options that may not live up to their claimed performance or standard. There are also likely to be reviews of certain models found in blogs of power tool enthusiasts and people who actually use the power tool in question. It’s also a good idea to learn more at

  1. Consider second hand.

Starting out a career that requires the use of power tool is obviously one that requires a considerably large capital. Instead of splurging on brand new equipment, it might just be a good idea to buy second-hand power tools. There are two apparent advantages of doing so. One is shaving off from the overhead cost of putting up a business and the other is that the tool has likely proven itself to be durable enough to be passed off to a second owner.

  1. Watch videos.

For anyone who is resourceful enough, watching tutorials on the Internet can lead to other things aside from learning what the expert is trying to communicate. An observant and resourceful person will notice things like the brand and model of the tools that these experts use in their videos. Since they undoubtedly know what they’re doing, it’s also likely that they know full well the capabilities of their tools. Of course, they’re not infallible in terms of brand and model choice, but it’s a good way to minimize the risk of buying substandard options.