Water Flossers That Are Worth Buying

04 Jul

Water flossers or dental irrigators are products that have been developed in order to improve the dental hygiene of many people around the world. It is a fact that people are required not just to brush their teeth but to also floss after brushing. Flossing is considered as an important regimen because it will remove food remnants that are stuck in between the individual’s teeth. According to the manufacturers, water flossers are also capable of removing plaques and bacteria, as well as maintaining the health of the gums. The good thing about such products is that they are easy and clean to use.


As the product becomes more popular, many manufacturers are already starting to produce their own versions of the machine. Thus, people should consider a lot of factors when they plan to buy one. With such in regard, this article will be discussing some of the recommended ones. Such are the ones that have received great water flosser reviews from experts and users. One of which is the Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius Water Flosser. The product is designed in a contemporary manner but was made sure that it has a compact feel. It has ten pressure settings which make the product feasible for children and adults. Additionally, the product has a handle wherein the user can control the amount of water that will squirt out from the product.


The above-mentioned product is also very hygienic because it comes with a storage container for tips that are covered, as well as a covered water reservoir. Another standout feature of the product is that the product has two modes. The floss mode is the one used for cleaning the teeth and their spaces. The massage mode is used for massaging the gums in order to maintain its health. Some users also love the idea that the product has a LED light indicator, as well as a pacer and a timer. The Waterpik WP-672 Aquarius Professional Water Flosser is also one of the highly recommended in the market. It is known for its customizable water pulsation feature. Thus, it can be very convenient for people who have sensitive teeth and gums, as well as other special needs. It also has two modes. The floss mode is used in situations wherein deep-seated food remnants and plaques need to be removed. The hydro pulse massage mode, on the other hand, is used for gum massages.


The product is also very easy to use since the on and off buttons are located on the flosser’s handle. Additionally, the product comes with seven tips for flossing. Such are divided into general and special use. Thus, people who have dental appliances like retainers and braces will benefit from the product. The cleanliness and security of the tips can also be assured because upon purchase, individuals will get a special storage case for the tips. In addition, the product also has a 60-second timer and a 30-second pacer. Further, people can choose from the four different chrome accent colors that the product has.